INSPECT your axle and pinion/spider gears for any grooves or raised area
once you have the #tractionconceptslimitedslip in your HAND and your DIFFERENTIAL is OUT on the bench ready for the install.

The Traction Concepts LSD is designed to work with your gears for the Limited Slip and Locker function and only works on non-welded open differentials. Make sure your differential and transmission is in good working condition and inspect all the components and seals while you’re in there; replacing and questionable components.

CHECK CLEARANCE TOLERANCE between the gears and TC LSD Disc Plates for approximately. 003-.005 BEFORE removing end clip tabs and dowels.
If you have more than that before or after removing any material off of the axle/spider gears- email us directly for tech assistance.

MORE EXAMPLES of Diff AXLE/PINION GEARS that DO NEED to be MACHINED for INSTALLING the Traction Concepts LSD for achieving the expected optimal traction gains along with years of enjoyment.


Tag us if you have #tractionconcepts installed in your car @tractionlsd