1-2-Victory! Micciche does it in 3

We started following Vaughn & after placing 2nd in his first two events after the Traction Concepts Porsche 924/944 XT-Race Series Limited Slip install, a few changes led to the win  on May 21st 2016 at Mount Snow  NER SCCA RallyCross/RallySprint. Here’s more rooster tail action for you rallycross fans on that event from DaggerSlade media.Continue reading “1-2-Victory! Micciche does it in 3”

Porsche SCCA RallyCross News

An update from our buddy Vaughn M. of  AVAM Adventures from this past weekend’s ‘New England Region SCCA RallyCross’ event in NH.  Vaughn stated he was still using his winter tires competing up against the 12 car RWD Modified class on Saturday,  (April 23rd 2016) & he placed 2nd with only 2.4 seconds difference from the first place car. SeemsContinue reading “Porsche SCCA RallyCross News”

Porsche 924S/944 Rallycross Fun

Vaughn’s Classic Porsche 924S is making press these days in rally cross racing. He updates with his first, “seat of the pants” feedback using his new Traction Concepts Porsche 924/944 Limited Slip  last weekend. “Your traction device worked like a charm all weekend!” In Harrisburg, Pa., Vaughn started Saturday off in Rally Cross school. Here his control through the skid padContinue reading “Porsche 924S/944 Rallycross Fun”