Meet ‘Casper’ the Project Civic Tech Highlight: Traction Concepts Honda Limited Slip LSD Install BY T.C./ PHOTOS COURTESY OF BILL ANDERSON IN THIS ARTICLE

It’s no surprise that the Honda Civic is still considered in the sport compact arena.

“Being under estimated with its sohc, I’m hoping all of this hard work to the build of this project will prove why you should never underestimate the power of the single jingle,” says Bill.

Three years ago; this clean Civic was just yearning for some attention. The first setup wasn’t enough for its owner. So Anderson decided to get creative, as the budget allows and add some more hp to this fine looking sleeper. So, starting a couple years ago with just a simple head swap, the decision to go turbo just couldn’t be resisted. With a little DSM T25;

“That simple set-up more than doubled the original stock hp. Our hopes for around the 350hp range is the plan right now for this D16z6/D16y8 Vitara turbo backed up by a Action Clutch 6 puck clutch kit & Traction Concepts Honda Civic Limited Slip LSD Conversion Kit, all managed around a budget.”

Under the Hood -In the beginning -More, more, more PROJECT CIVIC | Continued INSTALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF BILL ANDERSON

The find: Searching  Honda limited slip options, you will come across many different types. Seeing how a perfectly good diff can come of good use and providing traction gains with just a clever little design, at a fraction of the cost, makes this  Honda lsd choice so appealing. While the Traction Concepts lsd kit may not be for everyone, it ranks right up there in the top three options for the traction you need. Find yours at

FYI for the DIY: Installing the Traction Concepts limited slip diff conversion kit can be simple for the DIY budget racer. Being knowledgeable in transmissions is a must as dis-assembly and reassembly can make this project go south real quick if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, with proper installation, you can get the traction you need and still have money left over for more upgrades.

The install: Once the diff is out on the bench, you’re looking at about 30-45 min. of install time, (normally). Just in case you have to take it to someone, so you know the rate you’re charged is a fair rate. Also, not every install is a ‘plug & play’ scenario.

So there is a chance that you may have to do a little resurfacing to the axle gears to insert the TC lsd kit. You never know; You could get lucky and have an easy install where the lsd kit will slide right in. If not, you will check the gears for a raised lip, (that would need to come off) or if there is not enough clearance, then resurfacing the axle/spider gears to a smooth flat surface, enough to get the kit in, will be needed. A lathe is best for this, though for the budget racer/DIY like Bill, you can use a table sander if it gets down to it.

(Left) Before resurfacing (Right) after resurfacing. 20150316_164655_resized

Sometimes the machine shop is just not open when you’re ready to get to that project, or they just don’t fit into your budget. 20150317_154731_resized

Once the TC lsd kit is centered in the diff, the diff pin is put back in place with the dowel pin.
End clip tabs and dowels from the TC lsd kit are then removed; the lsd kit will unload and pop into place.

There you have it. Your completed install will look like this & you’re ready for transmission reassembly.

Project Civic Traction Concepts May 2015 pdf PDF Copy.