Take a look at another one of our project features: Jeroen Heijmer’s 1991 Classic Mini Cooper build.

Jeroen chose the Traction Concepts Daihatsui Charade (G102) Limited Slip LSD kit for the Daihatsu Charade 1.3 16V engine and gearbox he has equipped into his Classic Mini Cooper.

His project share photos are late into the build, as now with the Limited Slip, all he needs is a paint job.

He contacted us during his install stage of the Traction Concepts Limited Slip LSD as his clearance tolerance and the height of the LSD Kit.  Geen probleem!, (meaning No problem! -in Dutch). We offer Free Tech support here at Traction Concepts.Jeroen Charade diff 4mm clearance tolerance

Shown here ,(right) the clearance in question, and with reassurance,  he continued with the install, per the step by step pictorial install guide included, and resurfaced his gears by milling off the 4mm, (2mm of each gear face mating surface) needed to insert the  TC LSD Conversion kit and center the unit.

With the gearbox now ready, and the engine and sub-frame almost complete, completion of the entire Classic Mini Cooper project eta should be around August this year.

We are looking forward to hearing back from Jeroen, once it’s all done and painted and get some traction gains feedback as well.