Hard to Find Auto Parts

Seems like all the good stuff is taken and the junk and scrap yards have been ransacked. There are still some hidden gems around and for those of you who love the restoring and rebuilding of vintage classics, you find it difficult in locating some much needed auto parts. Some oem components that are still in very good condition are not to be wasted when you find them.

Morley's Lotus Super 7 Traction Concepts LSD

Morely’s Super Seven Traction Concepts LSD

With your rolling pride, you may want to look into all the transmission components and differential, to ensure that everything looks to be in good condition and usable. Don’t overlook the need for some additional traction though.

Wouldn’t Hill climbs, or Sunday driving be that much more enjoyable with a limited slip lsd?

                                  Morley is running a Hyundai Pony diff in is Super Seven shown here. “Works great!”

  • Do you have a perfectly good open diff?  It can be  that could be converted pretty easily.
  • Are you on a budge racer build? You can upgrade your differential with minimal cost.
  • Are you having a hard time finding a locker lsd for your old school ride?                    Start your search here, with  a proven Limited Slip LSD option and enjoy the ride.

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