Hi Gina, The season is going great! Last season went amazing. The lsd has had absolutely no issues what so ever. We keep upgrading the engine and we still have solid traction out of the turns. I haven’t slipped once, and for this season, we have still used it. It’s still in there changing the game.
Thank you
Tavit Kassardjian
Q: Any bragging rights to update us on for 2016-2017 to date?

A: Well after many practices and tuning for the car, we could brag that nearly no one was faster than us in the turns.

Here is our 97 Honda Del Sol
Motor D16Y8 naturally aspirated motor
Skunk performance intake manifold
DC sports exhaust manifold
Skunk 2 racing control rear arms and brace
Function Form 2 coil overs
Racing NCRC GT3 class at Thunderhill raceway and Buttonwillow Raceway

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