If your lacking traction in your Isuzu truck and upon searching found your way here, chances are your needing a limited slip lsd. If you’re still running an open differential, as most models came this way, it isn’t going to give you the traction you would get with a Limited slip diff, (LSD) differential.  Don’t be left spinning one wheel. With Traction Concepts LSD Kits, you can install our Conversion kits for the Isuzu Rodeo/Rodeo Sport, Isuzu Trooper, and Isuzu Amigo into your front open differential, and be on your way to more fun. Our design offers two types of functions; an LSD for cornering and limiting the amount of slippage to both wheels and a locker function that reacts 100% to both wheels on the ground under hard acceleration. Smooth engagement, chatter and noise free that’s suitable for daily driving, off road, or track use.

What would you do with a little more traction?