When a classic Austin Mini owner can’t get enough, Craig Hayward looks to a little DIY side project. When Craig contacted us to cure his traction woes, he had swapped his Classic Mini engine for a Toyota Starlet Glanza V engine. Though at the time, it had not been on a dyno yet, estimated at about 130hp, the open differential from the 1998 EP91 Glanza was not giving him what he needed; especially when cornering.

Now with the Traction Concepts Limited Slip LSD, he has just enough to lock the diff up to prevent wheel spin with noise free, smooth engagement to take to the track, or drive this little, lightweight 800kg 69′ Mini Cooper body around town.

 “A few months ago I brought an LSD kit for a Toyota GT Starlet engine/transmission that was going into a Mini. Anyway all is going well- diff is working well and here are the pictures I promised you.”

-Cheers, Craig from Australia

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