The 2017 Tesla Model S has been getting quite the press lately.  It’s not surprising to see it chosen to compete in the new 2017 Electric GT Championship Series founded by Mark Gemmell & Agustín Payá.

What attracts me to the Tesla Model S and the  specific race series itself, is hope for a rapid change in the right direction with the fossil fuel economy EPA changes.

I have seen some current model Teslas on the road,  and they are looking pretty sweet. Boasting the key features of an electric motor & battery pack, though the other features being tested, I can do without lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, & automatic parallel parking. What??? I had to learn how to parallel park. Come on guys; It’s not that difficult. Plus, I have way to much fun driving to be put into autopilot.

Though the Tesla Model S price tag opts me out, I’ll still look forward to this New Electric GT Championship Series and where it will take the minds of this generation of engineers & motor sports.