Nissan owners like to have fun too. Projects from just choosing an exterior color to a full renovation including changing up the internals. Sometimes locally, you can get your hands on some pretty cool stuff when your on a budget. With Datsun & Nissan having quite a bit of compatibility, it really helps when needing to switch out the differentials. While your at it, were you thinking you could use a little more traction? Sure, you’ve found yourself there before; Spinning tires. If you could just have a little grip, that would make all the difference in the world. As long as your differential is in good working order, including all components, differential pin & gears, you can use one of the leading LSDTraction Concepts Nissan Limited Slip alternatives on the market today, at an affordable price to suit your project budget.

We offer an array of Nissan Limited Slip Differential Conversion Kit options including the popular H190, R180, & R200 for eg; We are sure to suit your traction needs.  Our Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kits install into your existing open diff and convert it to a competitive, effective, & proven LSD. With a pretty basic install, you can have the power to the ground in just a few hours.

So…..What would you do with a little more traction?

Have Fun!!!!!

Traction Concepts Limited Slip Diff Conversion Kits