The Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kit installs into the center of the Q50 & Q60 differential carrier, between the axle and pinion gears of the differential housing you see in the first photo below. If you are lacking traction in your AWD or RWD model Q50 or Q60 and tired of spinning your wheels, then this aftermarket limited slip LSD is the best mod for traction issues.  Installation of the TC LSD kit on the rear end of Q50s and Q60s is fairly simple and the TC LSD can be done with some basic tools. Our LSD Conversion Kit is the best LSD alternative for a low cost upgrade to replacing your differential and giving you the traction you need in a daily driver, or track prepped ride.

Here is the view from underneath prior to tear down
  1. Make sure the car is in neutral and the parking brake is off.
  2. Begin by taking off the mid-pipe and 2 heat shields along with the cross
  3. There are 2 braces- One “brace” on either side of the differential that must also be removed.
  4. Take off the rear sway bar.
  5. Support the rear diff.
  6. Mark the rear prop shaft rubber coupler and the final drive companion flange. You must put these back with everything lined up to these marks. Do NOT remove the rubber coupler from the prop shaft. Once it’s marked you can remove the 3 bolts and gently pry the prop shaft forward to loosen it from the final drive companion flange.
  7. Loosen the center bearing mounting bracket on the prop shaft towards the transmission end of the prop shaft. This will allow the prop shaft to slide out of the front of the differential.
  8. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is infiniti-q50_q60-drive-gear-ring-gear-mounting-torque-specs.jpg
    There are 2 large bolts on the bottom of the diff that need to be loosened and 1 horizontal bolt at the top of the diff that must be removed. Support the diff and lower it slightly so you can better access both (2) wheel speed sensors and the differential vent tube that must be disconnected.
  9. Get a pry bar and gently pry each of the CV axles out of the diff. There will be tension here, so take your time and don’t damage anything while removing the differential.
    Once you have the diff out, drain the oil and start breaking it loose. There are (6) smaller bolts, and (4) larger bolts to take out and split the 2 halves of the diff casing apart.*You can remove the ring gear after marking its location so it goes back on exactly in the same orientation.

Next, the traction. Your TC LSD Kit comes with a step by step, pictorial installation guide to walk you through installing the LSD Conversion Kit into your Q50 or Q60 differential.

Once you have the diff carrier back in the housing, clean off all the grease and dried RTV and put down a light bead of new silicone/RTV. You’ll probably have to use a rubber mallet to get the cover back on the diff housing.

Reassembly is the opposite of disassembly. Make sure the CV axles are pushed in all the way and that the C clips were still in place on the axles when you press them back into the housing. You’ll have to play with the diff angle and height to get them to slide back in but it’s not bad. You can reuse the oil seals if they’re in good shape.
Once you get the diff back in completely, you may use a pump to refill the diff.
NOTE- Follow your Infiniti Q50/Q60 service manual on oil quantity. Probably somewhere around 2 1/4 -3 pints of oil, (1.5 qt). *Make sure to reconnect the wheel speed sensors and differential vent tube.

Buy the complete gear set and LSD kit or just purchase the LSD Kit alone. You will need to resurface these gears on your end if you do not purchase the complete set. You can get this done at a machine shop using a lathe, mill or bench saw, or table grinder. Perfect for the DIY project build.

After your Traction Concepts LSD is installed, you can now begin to enjoy your newly added upgrade with traction to both wheels. You will notice dramatic locker style results when you do a hard launch or burnout by leaving two tire marks if that’s your thing. Daily driving will be more enhanced and you will have more confidence cornering faster and improved handling on wet or dry road surfaces.

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